Courtesy Care Protection Plan

The Courtesy Care Customer Loyalty Package-provides an added level of driving comfort by covering many service and maintenance items not typically covered by the factory warranty.  These features include:  Brake Pads, Batteries, Headlamps, Belts and Hoses, Windshield Wiper Blades, Electrical components, Rental Car Coverage, Travel Breakdown, Towing and Road Hazard Tire Care.  (See your Sales Representative for more information.)

Vehicle Protection Plan

With Five coverage levels, our Vehicle Protection Plans can provide coverage up to 100,000 miles with service centers nationwide, toll free claims service and direct payment to participating dealers so you don't have to wait for reimbursement.

Total Loss Protection Program

In the event of a total loss, any remaining balance due on your finance agreement or lease after the payment from your insurance company is waived by the dealer/insurance company.** In other words, should a balance be left over after your insurance pays the actual cash value, all you have to pay is your insurance deductible.

Service Plans

Most vehicle warranties are valid only if you maintain your vehicle regularly.  Service plans include valuable maintenance services that will help you keep your car running like new and help keep your vehicle qualified for factory warranty protection.

Tire & Wheel Protection

Road Hazard Tire Program repairs or, if unrepairable, replaces tired damaged by road hazards, This includes tires, mounting, valve steams, balancing and sales tax.

In addition to the Tire Coverage, the Wheel Coverage provides for the repair or replacement of wheels damaged by road hazards. 

Standard and Deluxe Plans available for 3, 4 or 5 years.

Interior and Exterior Protection

Interior protectants keep vinyl and leather soft and supple, protects against fading and aging without oily or greasy residue.

Exterior protectants reduce the need for constant washing, filters, ultraviolet rays, resists bird dropping and graffiti, water spotting, industrial fallout, rust spots, acid rain, tree sap and oxidation and fading.

Fabric and Carpet protectants increase strength of the fabric to add years of life.  Fabric will clean easier, look better and last longer.  Does not alter appearance and protects against water and oil-based spills.

Theft Deterrent System

We recommend a vehicle identification system that leaves a permanent, traceable record in your vehicle's windshield, side and rear glass.  This proven system makes it impossible for thieves to remove your unique vehicle ID number without defacing or replacing the glass.  By installing this system on your vehicle's glass, you make it harder for thieves to sell your car and therefore, a far less desirable target.